Meet Christie Dove

I have been a licensed agent for more than 25 years, with 29+ years experience in the insurance industry. I began my professional career affiliated with an established insurance agent in Social Circle. In February, 2010, I established my own agency in Social Circle, Christie Dove Insurance.

I am a rare commodity in Social Circle these days…a true native…born, raised, and educated in Social Circle.  Now I am raising my family in Social Circle.  I have a vested interest in all things Social Circle and Walton County because this is my home and also because I am a proud business owner serving Social Circle, Walton County, and the surrounding area.  I am very familiar with the community and everyone that walks in the door (just about).  If I haven’t met you yet at church or grocery store or school event or business event or civic event, please call me or stop by my office and let’s talk about how I can serve your insurance needs.